Why Recall Jerry Brown?

Here are a few of the reasons Jerry Brown must be recalled.

Governor Brown has been a complete disaster for the state of California and its citizens. Californians have the highest tax rates in the nation, yet Governor Brown continues to push into law additional Bills that will take away more money from tax payers. His failed projects are out-of-touch and are driving businesses out of the state in droves. He continues to ignore federal law and acts to protect and promote sanctuary city policies, all while pledging to set aside tax payer money for the defense funds of illegal immigrants.

What’s the process? What should people expect?

Once we receive approval from the state, we will have 190 (4.5 months) to collect 800,000 signatures to be able to qualify to put the recall of Governor Brown up to a vote in California. People should expect to face a lot of backlash from democratic groups and media when volunteering to circulate petitions and collect signatures.

What are the stakes?

If Governor Brown is not recalled, Californians risk suffering from more of his outrageous policies and bills. Increases in gas taxes, the Cap and Trade Bill, new sewage taxes, and more are sure to come if Jerry Brown is allowed to stay in office and to act unopposed. By launching a strong recall effort, we will send a strong message to Governor Brown and Sacramento that we will no longer tolerate their anti-American agendas.

What happens after he’s recalled?

After Governor Brown is recalled, the Democrats in Sacramento will know that they are no longer safe from the consequences of their actions. A successful recall will send a strong message to all Democrats in the state and will energize all conservatives in California for the mid-term elections of 2018. Although Gavin Newsome will become the interim Governor, we will have a much better chance of electing a Republican Governor if the recall is successful.

Do you support our recall effort? 

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